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How to Take Control of Your Health

Jacob Dobbe, Certified Personal Trainer

Most of us would like to be fit. But for many, there always seem to be obstacles that get in the way of actually doing an effective fitness program. Here are some common obstacles and thoughts about them:

"There is not enough time for exercise." Deal with this obstacle by setting up a routine. Exercise the same time each day. Plan and write down regular exercise sessions in your appointment book and keep them! If you can't do an hour, then start with 15 minutes. Better to do 2 small sessions than none. Be creative with different exercises in different environments. As you get in the habit and feel the rewards, you will find ways to devote more time to exercise. If you don't find time to exercise now, you may have to find time to deal with disease in the future.

"Other things need to be taken care of before I can exercise" There is an infinite amount of work we think we should fill our schedules with. But you can't get ahead if you're dead! Our schedule should include regular exercise because it is simply critical for our survival and happiness. And if we are healthy and vital, we have more good energy to give to others.

"It doesn't matter if I don't exercise and eat poorly, I'll be OK." A lot of people deny the potential effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. But denial can disappear when a diagnosis of disease or an emergency room event takes place. Denial can be replaced by knowledge and self awareness. Our choices now can help us avoid future disease and suffering, and this is a profound opportunity to take control of our health.

"I can't seem to stick to an exercise program." If getting fit seems like a mountain in front of you, set up a specific program and ease into it one day at a time. We don't jump from the bottom of the stairs to the top. We go up step by step. Small steps add up to a lot over time. A good program should have variety, interest, and evolve with your fitness level. Continuing an exercise program does require an inner commitment to oneself. New habits can be created and kept. Habits typically take 1-2 months to get established. It is a conscious choice to succeed, and it is a conscious choice not to exercise. Learn from setbacks and use that knowledge to do better on the next step. Knowledge put into action is power.

Our ability to have a good life and realize our dreams is directly affected by our level of health. It is an exhilarating experience to take action that positively changes something in our life. Take control!

Jacob Dobbe is a Personal Trainer at Ivy Spa Club and can be reached through Ivy Spa Club at 612-343-3131.