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Ivy Fitness Club is proud to partner with Infinity Performance Analysis to offer Metabolic, Biomechanical and Body Composition testing to all members and guests who are interested in taking their health and performance to the next level. Choose from six types of state-of-the-art testing conducted on-site at Ivy Fitness Club for insight to help reach your fitness goals.


To schedule a fitness testing appointment or for additional details, contact: 

Member Services & Fitness Manager
Joel Eshelman | 612.353.3579

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Maximal Aerobic Power (V02 max)

The information obtained from this test will enable you to individualize your aerobic endurance workouts accordingly.

Lactate Threshold Testing

Anaerobic Threshold refers to the critical point in exercise where lactic acid production is equal to removal. Determining your anaerobic threshold will provide you with precise data regarding the information needed to keep the quality of your training high.

Resting Metabolic Rate

This test is an easy and non-invasive method of determining the minimal amount of calories (Kcal) you utilize in a day. The higher your RMR, the more calories you burn. We'll determine what effect your program has on your metabolism.

Sub-Maximal Aerobic Test 

Sub-maximal testing involves performing an activity according to certain protocol to estimate Maximal Aerobic Power test.

Functional Movement Screening

FMS is a screening process that indentifies poor movement patterns. These patterns are caused by muscle strength and flexibility imbalances, which may cause a reduction in performance and may lead to injury. Infinity will work with your Ivy Fitness Club trainer on corrective exercises designed from the FMS findings.

Skinfold Technique

Subcutaneous fat folds are measured at various sites to estimate body composition. This is the best non-invasive method to determine your lean body mass and fat mass.


Contact Member Services & Fitness Manager Joel Eshelman to schedule an appointment or request additional information.

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